Blogging Tips For Beginners- You have to be both consistence & patient when it comes to blogging…Be a content producing machine.

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I had a reader comment/question that I wanted to go over briefly as I think there’s a lot of people in this situation when it comes to blogging and SEO. This particular person had been blogging for around 2-3 months but was stumped why he wasn’t seeing any traffic increases yet. He felt that he had been blogging for a very long time and that he had a lot of good content on his website. When I dug in a bit further, I saw that his blog was basically brand new (2-3 months is truly a blog’s early & beginning stages) and he wasn’t posting consistently. His blog content was very sporadic and did not follow a regular schedule.

So with this analysis I saw two main problems here as discussed in the video. 1.) There was no consistency in his blogging technique. What this gentleman should be doing is publishing at least 1 blog post every single week. Instead he was publishing once every couple of weeks or once every month. Google will favor websites/webmasters who are constantly pushing out fresh content. 2.) He had only been in this 2-3 months which is nothing in the blogging world. I didn’t start seeing results until the first 12 months with my blog…Meaning I had patience. Blogging combined with SEO is a long-term game and certainly will not happen overnight or even 2-3 months. We needed to totally shift this guys perspective so he knew that he had to put in constant effort every week but for months and years to come. That will probably scare some people away, but that’s exactly why 98% of people ail with their blog. Give this an honest effort with quality content for an extended period of time and track your results. These are some really practical blogging tips for beginners and blogging SEO tips that everyone should adopt.



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