Blogymate is a revolutionary new aggregator of blogs and micro-blogs that allows users to share their content with thousands of recipients immediately and with little effort. Unlike other blogging platforms, Blogymate allows you to create and share your content, and then sit back and watch the level of interest grow on a moment by moment basis! Blogymate users have access to all the traditional social media share facilities, but additionally Blogymate allows users to increase their search engine capability, allowing more recipients to be able to view each piece of content.

Blogymate has other exciting features that are not available on other blogging platforms, like the ability to create your own friends community, follow your favourite bloggers with ease as well as allowing you to earn money if you so wish through its job market and easy to use social media widgets and plug-ins. One of the most exciting elements of Blogymate is the ability to ‘live blog’, this is real time blogging which is becoming the new medium of social media — think Twitter but with the ability to share and broadcast longer and wider.

Blogymate still has all the traditional features such as a simple API and content management system allowing for easy integration onto your own site as well as a comprehensive archiving facility that allows for easy referencing and searching.

But the best aspect of Blogymate? Unlike other platforms, Blogymate will ‘push’ viewers to your content by posting on the main home page, increasing your SEO results, as well as featuring content on a prominent basis.

Be part of the new revolution — BLOGYMATE

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